Solicitor’s professional negligence results in low compensation. Additional award negotiated.

Professional Negligence


What happened?

This was an unusual case. It arose from the professional negligence of another solicitor, which had resulted in a low compensation payment for our client.

Of course, solicitors do make mistakes; but this case highlighted the danger of using a remote firm of solicitors rather than consulting a specialist, local Personal Injury Solicitor.

Our client had been involved in a road traffic accident. He had consulted a firm of solicitors at the other end of the country, and had never met the solicitor dealing with his case; he had only ever spoken to him on the telephone.

He had been advised to accept a settlement offer made by the other side’s insurance company. He didn’t really want to do this, but took the solicitor’s advice – even though the situation was never properly explained to him.  He then approached Dominic Goward & Co. on the advice of a friend. We reviewed his case and formed the view that the compensation he had been awarded was too low. We negotiated an additional £10,000.00 on his behalf.