A negligent lawyer simply “forgot” about a file until the deadline had passed

Professional Negligence


What happened?

claim for professional negligence can be made when a professional person, e.g. a solicitor or a doctor, has failed to carry out his duties in a way that can reasonably be expected.

In this case our client had hired another solicitor to pursue an accident compensation claim on her behalf. According to the rules, court proceedings must commence within 3 years from the date of accident they relate to.

Her solicitor had simply overlooked the time limit and failed to commence proceedings before the deadline. An oversight, no doubt, but still a clear case of professional negligence as it nulllified the claim the client might have had.

Fortunately, she approached Dominic Goward & Co. for advice. We made a claim against her previous solicitors.

Our client received a compensation payment of £18,700.