Serious shoulder injury: pedestrian accident caused by defective manhole cover

Personal Injury Claim


What happened?

This shoulder injury compensation claim arose from a pedestrian accident caused by a defective manhole cover.

Our client was walking along the street when he trod on a manhole cover. The manhole cover gave way, and he fell forwards and sustained a serious injury to his shoulder.

In cases like this, it is often not clear who is responsible for the defect that has caused the accident. Our client wisely chose to consult a specialist Personal Injury Solicitor, and came to Dominic Goward & Co.

We set about establishing who was responsible for the manhole cover. There were 3 contenders: the local council, BT and an energy company. None of them initially wanted to accept liability.

We successfully traced the organisation which was responsible and secured an admission of liability. This organisation paid for our client to have surgery on his shoulder privately, and the case settled for £17,740.00.