Dominic Goward can help you claim compensation if you have suffered from an injury as a result of a road traffic accident that was not your fault. This can be anything from a whiplash injury, which can cause pain and inconvenience for a few months up to major, life changing injuries, and anything in between. Please look at our case histories for examples of claims that he has settled.

Recent Cases

Dominic can discuss your potential claim with you at a free initial interview. Going forward he can submit your claim, value it, and then negotiate with the insurance company to obtain compensation for your injuries, loss of earnings and out of pocket expenses. All of this will be done under a conditional fee agreement where you would not have to pay anything for the costs of making the claim, even if the case was uncuccessful.

Even if the driver responsible for your accident is uninsured, untraced or lives abroad (provided the accident happened in England or Wales), Dominic can make a claim on your behalf.

If the insurance company admits liability for your accident, we can ask for an interim payment of at least £1000, so you have some money “up front” while the claim is going through.