Our client suffered a nasty leg injury after falling down some steps at a railway station

Personal Injury Claim


What happened?

Our client suffered a nasty accident at a railway station after he had got off a train one winter’s evening. It was very cold and had been snowing.

He walked out of the station and proceeded down some steps. The steps were very slippery, and he slipped and fell all the way to the bottom. He sustained a serious leg injury.

He approached Dominic Goward & Co. for advice on whether he could claim compensation for his leg injury. Our first task was to establish who was responsible for the steps, as the accident had not occurred in the station itself. Having established who was responsible, we ascertained that no attempt had been made either to clear the ice or to warn pedestrians of the danger.

We were able to make a successful accident compensation claim on behalf of our client. He received £23,000.