Electric shock accident on railway line causes psychological injury

Accident at Work


What happened?

This psychological injury compensation claim followed an accident sustained during repair work to a railway line.

Our client was using a drill while working on the railway. Of course, the current should have been switched off before any work was carried out … but this hadn’t been done.

So when the drill came into contact with the live rail, the inevitable happened and our client suffered a very nasty electric shock.

The result of this – apart from the physical injuries – was that he started having nightmares and flashbacks.

At this point he contacted Dominic Goward & Co. as it was clear that only a specialized Personal Injury Solicitor would be able to ensure that he received the compensation he was entitled to.

We obtained expert medical evidence on the long-term effects of electric shock, and a report from a Consultant Psychiatrist detailing the psychological injuries our client had suffered.

As a result – despite the initial objections of the railway company – we were able to negotiate a settlement of £30,000.00 on our client’s behalf.