Dominic Goward can advise you if you think you have been affected by professional negligence by solicitors that handled your personal injury claim. For example, professional negligence may have occurred by:

  • Failing to consider on-going injuries and settling the case at an undervalue
  • Failing to claim for full loss of earnings, pension or loss of business.
  • Failing to obtain appropriate medical evidence leading to under-settlement or discontinuance of a claim.
  • Failing to consider time limits for bringing a claim, and so a client has lost their chance of pursuing a claim to Court.
  • Failing to comply with Court timetables and as a result, claims have been struck out by the Court.
  • Bringing a Claim against the wrong Defendant and therefore losing the right to make a claim against the correct Defendant.
  • Failing to advise on settlement offers.

In such circumstances you are entitled to claim for legal professional negligence. If you think you may have been affected call Dominic Goward for a free initial consultation.

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