Pedestrian accident claim following slip-and-fall accident in supermarket car park

Personal Injury Claim


What happened?

This pedestrian accident claim followed a slip-and-fall accidentin a supermarket car park.

Our client had just parked her car and was walking towards the store entrance.

She tripped on a raised paving slab which was just by the entrance, and fell heavily on her face.

Now, supermarkets, like all other companies, are required to ensure that their premises are reasonably safe for their customers – and, indeed, for all visitors. The difficulty is in proving that they have been negligent.

Our client realised that she needed help from a specialist Personal Injury Solicitor and approached Dominic Goward & Co. for advice.

We undertook the claim on her behalf, and were able to demonstrate that the supermarket had indeed been in breach of its duty. As a result, our client received £3,000.00 in compensation for her injuries.