Trip & Fall Claim: trip on pavement causes elderly lady to fall on her face

Personal Injury Claim


What happened?

This pedestrian accident claim arose from a trip on a raised paving slab.

Our client was an elderly lady. Ironically, she was on her way to a medical appointment at the time of her accident.

She tripped on a raised paving slab and fell on her face. Of course, this was a particularly upsetting experience for her as an elderly lady!

Realising that any claim for compensation would have to be made against the Highway Authority, she turned to Dominic Goward & Co. to pursue her claim on her behalf.

Although the Highway Authority initially denied any liability – claiming that all pavements were inspected regularly and any defects repaired promptly – we were able to establish that the raised paving slab had been there for quite some time. In fact, we uncovered documents which showed that a similar accident had occurred a few months previously!

We negotiated a settlement of £2,500.00 for our client.