No Win No Fee

Dominic Goward offers a no win no fee arrangement for handling your case.

-What is a “No Win No” Fee arrangement?
-What about a “Conditional Fee” arrangement?
-Will I have to pay …
… and how much … and when?

A “no win no fee” agreement – also known as a “conditional fee arrangement” – works as follows:

Your claim is entirely risk free to you, so if you should lose your claim you will pay nothing.

Dominic Goward covers the risk that the claim might be lost. So, of course, he personally conducts a full risk assessment of each case – drawing on his 37 years’ experience of dealing with personal injury claims – and will only take on your case if he judges that there is a good chance of success.No win No fee

Because Dominic Goward is personally covering the risk of loss, he will be entitled to a success fee if the case is successful. This is capped at 25% of the damages awarded.

Remember that Dominic Goward will not simply be supervising work done by paralegals (as happens in many larger firms). He will deal with all aspects of your claim personally, starting with a free, no-obligations consultation in your own home (or at your hospital bed!).

This level of personal service from a fully qualified and highly experienced personal injury solicitor is what sets Dominic Goward & Co apart. At no time will your case be delegated to paralegals; Dominic Goward will personally handle your case from start to finish.


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