Accident in country pub causes leg injury

Personal Injury Claim


What happened?

This leg injury compensation claim arose from an accident on the decking outside a country pub.

Our client and her husband went outside to enjoy a drink in the pub garden. They had to walk across some decking to get there.

However, the decking wasn’t as sturdy as it should have been, and our client’s foot went straight through some rotten timber. She fell quite badly and twisted her leg backwards.

Knowing that she needed the help of a specialist Personal Injury Solicitor, she came to Dominic Goward & Co

The landlord initially denied any liability (this is fairly common in these cases). He claimed that a carpenter had been hired, and there was nothing wrong with the decking.

Our task was to prove otherwise. We obtained evidence which showed that there was a lot of rot in the decking. In fact, hardly any repair work had been carried out.

We were able to negotiate a settlement of £3,750.00 plus costs.

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