Fingers severed after car rolls over on defective road

Road Traffic Accident


What happened?

This road accident claim arose from a very serious hand injury sustained in an accident on a country lane.

Our client was shocked to find that one of the wheels of her car had become stuck in a rut in the left hand side of the road. She tried to steer to the right to free the wheel; her car then veered across the road into a hedge, spun round twice and rolled over.

She suffered a hand injury in which the index and middle fingers of her right hand were severed.

She was 25 years old. She had to undergo reconstructive surgery, and was no longer able to work as a barmaid. She turned to Dominic Goward & Co. to pursue her claim against the Highway Authority.

At first, the Highway Authority denied any liability, claiming that there had been no defect in the road at the time of its last inspection. However, our investigations revealed that there had in fact been a previous accident at exactly the same place.

As a result, we were able to negotiate a settlement of £31,708.88 on our client’s behalf.