You may have experienced an accident at work that has resulted in you receiving an injury, because employers or other staff members fail to follow health and safety rules, such as providing personal protective equipment (PPE), or carrying out risk assessments or they haven’t received adequate training. The types of injury include: –

  • Injury at work:
    Slips, trips and falls: These could happen because of unmarked wet floors, loose cables, or faulty equipment, such as a rickety stepladder, faulty scaffolding.

Manual handling injuries:
These can be caused by lifting heavy items and not being provided with adequate materials or training.

Injury caused by the operation of machinery which is faulty, not adequately protected or for which you have received no or insufficient training to operate. You could be injured by someone else operating machinery, e.g. a fork-lift truck, because they have been careless or have not received the appropriate training.

  • Work-related illnesses caused over time, such as: performing repetitive tasks, causing upper limb related disorder; exposure toharmful substances, such as asbestos, or excessive noise over long periods of time; stress caused by bullying in the workplace.

Please see the case histories for examples of work-place injury.

Recent Accidents at Work Claims

This can mean you having to take time off work or, in some cases, may result in you being unable to return to your job. This is understandably a traumatic time and, since you rely on the income from your work, leaves you in a very difficult financial situation, with bills to pay and not being able to support your family. Dominic Goward is happy to discuss your case in a free initial consultation. He will be able to tell you about compensation, which can help to pay for your treatment, recover any loss of earnings and pay for any changes you need to make to your life now and in the future.

Naturally you may be worried about making a claim against your employer and that you may lose your job. However, your return to employment with them should not be affected as it would be illegal for them to sack you for making a claim. Even if your return to work was in any way made difficult, they would leave themselves open to further legal action. Employers are required by law to have an insurance policy to cover such claims, so they are not directly impacted financially by them. In fact, making a claim helps to improve health and safety in the future.