Accident on bus caused by sudden braking at traffic lights

Personal Injury Claim


What happened?

This compensation claim arose from an accident on a bus.

Our client had just boarded the bus. There were no vacant seats, so he had put his bag down and was about to hold on to the handrail.

The bus driver braked very suddenly and our client was thrown forwards and landed on his back.

He knew he needed advice from a specialist Personal Injury Solicitor and approached Dominic Goward & Co. to find out whether he had a legitimate claim. We advised him that he did, and undertook the claim on his behalf.

The bus company claimed that the bus driver had had to brake suddenly because the traffic lights had changed from green to red instantly. However, we obtained evidence that that was impossible.

The bus company wanted to take the case to trial, but the case settled a week before the trial date. Our client received £1,500.00.