Injuries to arm following an accident at school

Personal Injury Claim


What happened?

At the time of the accident, our client (J) was 14 years of age and a secondary student in Y9. After a game of football on the school field, J and his friends were walking towards a classroom when one of them pushed J. In order to maintain his balance J put his arms out, but his left arm went through one of the windows of the classroom, which broke. As a result, J sustained a deep laceration to the left forearm and elbow, which caused virtually uncontrollable bleeding. J was taken to A & E and was transferred to a specialist unit where he received urgent surgery to close the wound and to repair damage to a major nerve.

Subsequently, J suffered weakness and residual pain in his left arm, some loss of hand function and residual loss of sensation in two of his fingers. J lost up to 5 months schooling, as writing was particularly affected, and it severely affected his leisure activities of Football and boxing. J was also an accomplished player of a drum called a Dohl, which he earned some money from playing at various social occasions.

The school had breached its duty of care and admitted liability for the accident. Dominic Goward secured damages of £108,000 for his young client.